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ROBOTS DIY GIFT BOXES; Blip blip with Doodlemoo


Our Robots box printables are here! With autumn and winter coming we spend more days indoors, perfect time for DIY projects! Make this cute little Robots and interact with them by feeding the notes sheet through the Robot's mouth or moving the eyes. Imagination play and hours of fun for the little ones and grown ups too. All you need to do is print on card, cut and glue! And as with all our printables there's a 'colour me in' version for the little artists in your life.

Robot boxes print out

Print out the Robots and cut out around the shape, fold the flaps and have your materials ready for gluying and cutting. Cut out the extra items and help your child to cut out the teeth gaps and the mouth. (i use a scalpel)

Robots Diy with moving eye

Cut out the extra eyes to attach it with the paper fastener and make it move, so open a hole in the eye just a bit bigger and place it before you stick the box, makes it all easier if done before.

Robot diy box with notes

Fold the flaps and stick with glue, hold for a few seconds, make sure you've opened the mouthspace for the notes to go through. You can also cout bits of coloured paper for the notes and roll them quite tight so it make a longer roll.

Robot Boxes DIY free printables Doodlemoo

Our You Tube video

Robot DIY boxes

Add little rubbers, sweeties, a mini plant or little toys to make a fun gift. The kids will love interacting and make sure you get the Robots making lots of notes!

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