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How to make a cool gallery wall; with tips from Fay Stephenson

Gallery wall
Cool gallery wall with different size pictures and frames

Today we ask Fay Stephenson from Henry, Fred & Felicity, a few questions about her super cool gallery wall. She chose our oversize Drip Drop Rainbow (Ice lolly) print as one of her pics.

Emily: What are your tips for preparing the space beforehand for a gallery wall?

FAY: Preparation is key. Ensure the wall you have chosen is clean and clear. Take into account any surrounding décor, and note the lighting at all times of the day. Be aware of the space and how you envisage your wall looking after creating. Pinterest is a great source of gallery walls to get inspiration from, find your style!

Emily: What did you look for when selecting and deciding on prints and pics for your wall?

FAY: I had one main print which I knew I wanted to base my wall around. The colours were pretty specific so I know I had to keep everything else within these confines. I decided to add a couple of larger prints in a similar colourway, to tie in then keep all other pics, prints and all frames in monochrome tones. I also ensured I had lots of different styles of frames (really effective especially if all frames in same shade or tonal with each other) as well as different sizes and orientation to create a good mix. The key is to create something that looks like they have just evolved over time without much thought and a little bit of (planned) chaos; rather than something which is extremely uniform and obviously staged.

How to make a cool gallery wall

Emily: Tell us your top tip for hanging the frames?

FAY: Top Tip: Now if you are someone who can't be 1. bothered to wait for someone to come and hang all your pics and/or 2. don't want to / can't drill in the wall you want to use, then help is at hand. Command Strips are the work of an angel from heaven. Simple 'sticky' strips in a variety of finishes that you can use to stick up pictures (up to 7.2kg), all on your own without any help, without having to wait and without ruining your wall! Genius, go check them out!

Emily: What made you you choose Doodlemoo's Drip drop rainbow?

FAY: I have always been an avid follower of Doodlemoo and my favourite colour palette is bright pastels. As soon as I saw the giant Drip Drop Rainbow print I knew I had to have. The problem was where to put it? It needed to be seen and not hidden away. For so long I had a wall on our 1st floor landing that was crying out for a full-scale gallery wall, and the drip drop rainbow gave me the perfect basis for it. I'm so pleased with the wall (still a few pieces to add) and walking past it makes me smile everyday!

Fay's selection of prints come from other small businesses like ours and you can fin Bold Print Studio, The Native State, Steven Brown Art, The Range, Cheryl Rawlings. You can read more at How Felicity Finds

We hope you like Fay's Gallery as much as we do and found these tips useful. Make sure you visit our blog for other cool ideas, room and interiors inspiration, and sign up to our newsletter to be the 1st to know about offers and news. Shop our 'Drip Drop Rainbow' print here.

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