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UNICORN and SWEETS DIY BOXES; free printable

DIY Sweet boxes designed by Doodlemoo
Summer is here! and so the kids are on holidays. If you are looking for some easy and fun DIY we've got you covered with our super sweet printables. Make a sweet Doughnut, a cute Ice Lolly and a magical Unicorn box, card or turn them into fun party decor. All free to download. As with all our printables there is a colour in version which will keep the kids entertain for hours.
Doodlemoo DIY Sweet Boxes
Doughnut box detail

Doughnut box detail

Cut out the front to make cards and use them at a party

Sweets boxes googly eyes

Add googley eys for some fun

Unicorn sweet boxes DIY

Unicorn box and card. Add glitter for some magic!

MATERIALS: A printer Card (makes the boxes last longer) Scissors Glitter (optional for the Unicorn) Tissue paper (a few different colours) optional also for the Unicorn tale HOW TO: All you need to do is download and print out the sheet on A4 card, cut out and colour in, fold and stick the flaps (with glue or double sided tape). For the Unicorn tale you need to cut strips of tissue paper, place them together and twist the top, open a little whole on one side and stick in the box. Add glitter for a bit of magical feel. If you don't fancy making the boxes, just cut out the images, stick them on a fancy straw with washi tape and you're ready for a SWEET's party! Enjoy! and don't forget to share with us #doodlemoodiy
Sweet box cutouts
Sweet box making


Download SWEET Boxes

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