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Mentoring 1-1

Business Mentoring 1-1 or 6 months support 

Check my website to download '10 top tips to grow your creative business' and for more info on how we can work together

Studio Doodlemoo

I am so happy to let you know I am offering mentoring for small creative businesses...

Why Mentoring?

Starting up and running a creative business can feel lonely at first and it takes time to figure everything out. It can be hard to see what to do and where to go next. One of the best things I did at the beginning of my journey was to invest in a business coach/mentor. She gave me the confidence to believe in my ability to move my business forward. Since then I have been running my business, Doodlemoo for a few years now and I’ve learned what it takes to successfully grow a small business.

When we are immersed in everyday tasks and trying to do everything by ourselves, it can be difficult to see things objectively and maintain focus.

As small business owners we juggle so much, and usually have to learn on the go without giving ourselves time to stop and think about how we are doing things.  An external view can really help to see things much clearer and confidently move forwards.

I want to help make things easier for you. Mentoring can be really beneficial in helping you see things clearer, identifying and reaching goals and focusing on specific areas that you need help with.

My aim is to offer you support to reach your goals and build the business you’ve always wanted.

What we cover in our Sessions

With my mentoring sessions we will look at where you are at, what you would like to achieve and how you can get there, as well as what’s stopping you to move forwards. We will think about a long-term strategy to push you to meet your goals. I’ll be supporting and inspiring you to find direction and meet the goals to move to the next level, clarify where you’re going with your business & most importantly what is your vision for your business.

I will tailor our session to your business goals, setting some foundations, and actions to get there.

Topics might include 

How to grow your business & overall business strategy

Gaining clarity and setting goals

Going from feeling overwhelmed to confidently on track.

Time management & productivity 

Growth mindset

Social Media / Instagram

Looking at your website or selling channels

Looking at your branding and brand message

Product pricing and wholesale

Exploring what are the next steps in your business

Expected outcomes

A clear Strategy for your next steps to grow your business, accountability to smash your goals and feeling energised to drive your business forward.

More confidence in your creations/ideas. A plan of action. How to make more sales. Confidently talk about your products.

How it works

We could meet in person if you are in London or near the south east, I’m based in Reigate, Surrey or we can schedule a zoom call that works for you.

I’ll then send you a plan & ‘homework’ for you to have. 

I would need to know a bit about your business, where you are at and what are you looking for, so I can prepare. I will send you a few questions beforehand.

Your investment

It’s a 1 hour and half session for £250

Or we can do 3 sessions of 45mins each for £280

Monthly sessions of one hour £199 a month for 3 months or 6 months.

About me I’m Emily, I’m a business owner & founder of Doodle Moo. I’m a graphic designer & illustrator, I set up my business 6 years ago (but have been creating for a long time), growing our lifestyle brand DoodleMoo into a solid full time business. I have grown my Instagram organically from 0 followers to 27k which has helped with visibility, credibility and to establish & shape the brand. We’ve been featured in TV shows such as Tattoo Fixers Extreme and The Circle TV shows (with about 15 art prints been shown in the set), Featured in Stylist Magazine, Estila, The Times, Cosmoplitan Japan and more. We are stocked all over the world at Independent shops and have consistent sales from our website. I started the business designing art prints and have diversified our offering into lots of other products.

Along the way I’ve worked with coaches and have completed a business course for creatives. I love helping other creatives as I know it can be really hard to figure it all out on your own, knowing where to go next and what actions to take.

Next steps

Space is limited and I only have a few slots a month for mentoring. Get in contact with me Emily or for next availability or let me know if you ned to have a quick chat about mentoring. 

For more info & free resources visit