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Best Planner and Calendar to feel inspired in 2021

Planner and Calendar 2021 by Doodlemoo

Starting a new year calls for new possibilities and new achievements, and this is not going to be just any year, this is 2021! After surely one of the toughest years any of us have experienced we need to prepare for all the great possibilities coming ahead. What better to do so than with a brand new planner and calendar. But don’t go for any old planner and calendar, go for the Creative Planner & Creative Calendar from us at Doodlemoo, designed with functionality in mind as well as fun and style.

Voted ‘Best Planner/Diary to help you get organised’ by The Stylist Magazine
The Creative Planner by Doodlemoo
Choosing a brand new Planner for me, always feels very special. It’s is a very personal choice as its something that will stay with you throughout the year. Every year I looked for the perfect Planner but never found one that inspired me as well as helped me, so I decided to set out to design my own.
We designed our weekly planners to be your companion for the year, somewhere to plan but also to get inspired by the content, to live a bit more creatively and reach your goals. On my creative business journey I’ve learned a lot of things that are important for achieving and feeling good at the same time. I designed this planner with this in mind, to inspire you in your journey and to try and keep things in balance throughout the year.
Spread from The Creative Planner by Doodlemoo
In our Planner you’ll find each month has a subject to focus on, an inspiring quote, a mini poster (which can be pulled out) and an activity to challenge you. There are also weekly pages, where you have space to write your intentions for the week and another to reflect, recognise what you achieved and record your weekly wins. We have included pages for every day of the week and of course a corner to doodle in! At the back of the planner you’ll find extra space to write notes and a surprise colour-me-in page to keep the creativity flowing! The whole planner is printed in full colour and is beautifully designed.
No matter when in the year you start using your planner the topics each month progress you through the year but are always there to refer back to whenever you need a refresh.  The Planner helps you explore new things and achieve meaningful productivity in your day to day life. I love going back over stuff that inspired and challenged me throughout the year, seeing what I did and challenging myself all over again. 
No pressure! Some people find having a planner too much of a commitment, while others love writing in theirs daily.  With all the best intentions sometimes you might miss a week or even a month. It doesn’t really matter with a dateless planner as you can just pick up where you left off, just add the date in the space and get back into it. 
You can have a choice of three cover designs all with soft touch covers and spot uv printing for a luxurious feel. You can choose from ‘Kiss Me’ lips, ‘Light Me’ lightning bolt design or a ‘Tropical Heart’, so there’s a design for everyone!
We think packaging is really important so our Creative Planner comes beautifully wrapped in our bespoke tissue paper, in a black luxury gift box and a cute bookmark.
Look inside our Planner in the video below


Weekly dateless Planner page
The Creative Planner by Doodlemoo
Sofia says " Love love love this planner It’s such a bright and positive planner, and the fact that it has some additional creative inspiration makes planning my week all the more fun. Lovely service, it came packaged beautifully. This is going to be my planner forever and ever and ever."

Kate says "The most amazing planner everrrrrrrr! I love this planner. Firstly it has no dates so you can start whenever you like and add new things to do when you want rather than on a set date, which takes the pressure off! It’s also loaded with tips & things to do so you don’t have to add anything yourself, time saving. And it’s so cool to look at. In a sea of baby pink unicorn planners covered in corny feel good quotes it’s a tonic. This planner totally rocks - go buy one!"

To compliment the Planner (and to celebrate the end of this abysmal year!) we decided to create the Creative Calendar for 2021 (with dates) based on the same concept. We have packed this full of beautiful new illustrations and prompts to encourage you to be mindful and spark your creativity. Again there is a quote for each month ( such as ‘The beginning is always today’ for Jan, or 'We grow fearless by walking into our fears' June) and plenty of space for your goals and daily tasks. We wanted to produce a Calendar that is not just functional but also stylish and fun.  

The Creative Calendar

When you go for one of our Calendars you will receive twelve A3 loose pages for you to decorate your office/living space either by framing them, hanging with a magnetic frame or displaying with a poster clip (you can also order these from our website here)

Creative Calendar

Again we thought about the packaging and we send out all our Creative Calendars 2021 in a stylish black tube so it can be ready as a gift for someone you want to inspire next year.

Calendar 2021 pages

We have also made a lush Year A2 Calendar 2021 to give an overview of the whole of 2021. We’ve made it with a full colour, rainbow gradient design with dates for every month and space to write goals and tasks. We surrounded the year with illustrations for you to colour in (if you wish) so you can add some fun and colour to your wall space. It’s all on one page and again, you can display it however you like, with a magnetic frame, magnets on the fridge or just with washi tape.
Year Calendar 2021 - A2
Whatever you do next year we hope you have a happy and creative time. Feel inspired to live all the experiences to the full & achieve your goals.
If you have purchased or received one of our Planners or Calendars, we would love to know what you think, leave us a comment below or share a review.
Here's to an amazing 2021! 
Check our planners and Calendars here 

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