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Framing service for your gallery wall at Doodlemoo

Framing service for your gallery wall at Doodlemoo

We are so excited to offer framing service to our customers. There’s nothing like receiving an art print ready to hang on the wall, with no hassle of trying to get the right mount and frame size, or waiting for ages to have it framed.

Gallery wall DoodleMoo



All of our Art prints have the option of 3 different frames and if you want to include a mount that can easily added too. At the moment we are offering Thin black wood frame, Thin white frame and Metal Gold Rose frame (a very popular choice), with white mounts to fit the frame of your choice. 

Friday I'm in Love

Rose Gold Frames

If you are choosing a frame with a mount you should select the next size up of Art Print to ensure you have enough space around the image. For example if you have chosen an A4 Art print you would need a 30x40cms or A3 frame and mount. We recommend having a mount as it keeps the print away from the glass and therefore preserves your Art for longer. If you prefer your prints without a mount then you should choose same size frame and print. Most of our designs have a white border around them while others look better when the image goes right up to the edge.  

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We are always open to any specific requests and if there’s a particular frame that you want we can ask our suppliers if it’s possible. Just drop us a line at


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