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YAY Blogtacular booklet designed by Emily Canino - Doodlemoo
I have been wanting to go to Blogtacular for about two years and finally made it to this bloggers and creatives conference event this year and totally loved it!
I got organised early and decided to enter their Goodie bag competition back in March and won the runner up prize to have my design on the cover of the booklets that were handed out to all attendees. I also won a ticket to the conference, I was so so happy! I wasn't allowed to share my design until the Blogtacular event launch though so it was great to finally see it in print on the day!
YAY Blogtacular booklet designed by Emily Canino - Doodlemoo YAY Blogtacular booklet designed by Emily Canino - Doodlemoo
This two day event happens in June over a Friday and Saturday. I was a little nervous about going to Blogtacular on my own but one of the things I loved is that everyone is super friendly and it's all about making connections with other creatives and bloggers! The Friday started with a colourful photo walk, in which I was so lucky to be with Emma Jane Palin on the Peckham Walk where we explored the Peckham Levels with it's amazing colourful walls, Bold Tendencies - a roof top creative space with a super cool and colourful art exhibition, and of course followed by cocktails in the bar. At the end of the day I went to dinner with 10 women I had never met before, which was really enjoyable and great fun.
Roof Top Bold Tendencies Peckham, London Cloudburst by Irina Kirchuk ; Roof Top Installation at Bold Tendencies Peckham, London
Doodlemoo at the Blogtacular photo walk Doodlemoo at the Blogtacular photo walk, Artwork by Katrina Russell Adams
Photowalk blogtacular 2018 Photowalk blogtacular 2018
Art at Bold Tendencies Art at Bold Tendencies
The Conference starts on Saturday with an opening speaker and it couldn't have been more inspiring. I totally loved Tiffany Han who reminded us that 'Success is built on relationships!" (it's not all about the numbers on social media) and how vulnerability is so important for connecting with other humans. She says that it is vital to be obsessed with what we love, and to set creative challenges for your self to aim for. If you don't know Tiffany her podcast is also so good and inspiring, you can check it out here. There was also a Genius bar and my highlight was meeting and chatting to Leona from Lucky Dip Club and Indie Roller. We talked all things to help improve and grow my biz and I got some really great advice. There were 9 different workshops which we could choose to attend; I got to learn about SEO, Pinterest and Creative writing for Blogging which are all things I felt I needed to work on. I was super impressed with all the knowledge and content of the speakers, with some practical tips and even hands on exercises.
Hell Yes to Blogtacular Entrance! also loved all the graphics for the conference Hell Yes to Blogtacular Entrance! also loved all the graphics for the conference
Let's talk about the food and organisation at the Blogtacular event! All through out the conference there was amazing food, refreshments and delicious cakes, and everything on the day went smoothly and felt really well organised. I loved the paper installation made by Jacqueline Coley and GF Smith papers. It made the perfect backdrop for fun photos.
Flower Photo Backdrop at Blogtacular Flower Photo Backdrop at Blogtacular designed by Jacqueline Coley
The absolute highlight for me was to have a designer and creative as the closing speaker. Anthony Burril is one of my favourite Designers. This fabulous Graphic Artist and print maker spoke about the creative journey, his love for typography design and his famous piece 'WORK HARD AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE' which has inspired so many posters in the last few years. His humble and humorous presentation was just the best. He talked about working on projects that really matter to him rather than just for commercial reasons and also the importance of reference, taking inspiration and translating it to your own work and style.
Give The Joy Back by Anthony Burril Give The Joy Back by Anthony Burril
Book by Anthony Burrill Book by Anthony Burrill
Blogtacular which is run by the amazing Kat Molesworth is a very inclusive, down to earth and colourful event that is attended by creatives at all levels and ages. If you are looking for an inspiring conference where you'd like to meet like minded people, get massively inspired and come out energised in your work then look no further! Hope you find this article useful if you have any questions, we would love it if you leave us a comment! Find us on Instagram as @doodle_moo

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