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Valentines, Galentines and self love? How do we feel about the Feb 14th? I don't like the idea of feeling pressured to do something just because it's Valentines but as a hopeless romantic I do love any excuse to celebrate my love and friendship! I have been together with my husband for 14 years and we were married 4 years ago. We try to make a card for each other every year as it's more personal and fun. I always get him chocolates (his fav thing ever) and a little something and we try to have a special dinner at home if we can fit it into the day, if not we celebrate a few days later. I like to take it lightly, with a playful touch and not too much pressure. We believe it's important for a healthy relationship to make time for special occasions and 'keep the flame alive' but this can be tricky with kids around and a busy life. This year it's half term and I'm going to a Galentines party (event) with a friend on Tuesday. So Chris and I will do a bit of Valentining on Friday when we plan to have a date visiting the Hayward Gallery to see one of our favourite artists. With a bit of Self love in mind I will probably get a little something for myself to remind me to take care of number one too! Would love to hear what you think of Valentines day and what you tend to do? Do you love it or hate it? Here's a selection of prints that help remind us that love is so important whether it's for our partner, our kids, our friends or even ourselves. Our 'TE AMO' print, which means BIG LOVE (there are two different words in Spanish for Love, this one is for deep, deep Love) has already proved popular. It's perfect for all times of the year and can go in any room in the house. It comes in a pink and grey background and is also available in Italian. Shop here
Te Amo typographic print Te Amo typographic print
Our 'LOVE' print has been designed with hand written typography and is a fun and quirky heart picture with cool pinks and purple tones. It's also perfect for brightening any room in a modern home. Shop here
Love with words and heart Love with words and heart
Our 'LOVE STRUCK' it's a striking print which represents that feeling when you are suddenly hit by all the love and everything becomes a bit more colourful and rainbowy in our lives. Shop here With 'LOVE BITE' we aimed to design a quirky funny little heart print for those you love so much you just want to eat them up! Shop here
Heart bite print by doodlemoo Heart bite print by doodlemoo
Our cute little SLEEPY HEART patch is perfect for kids or adults. I put mine on a pair of jeans, and added it to a pink t-shirt for a fun look! (red and pink my fav at the moment) Shop here
Sleepy heart iron on patch Sleepy heart iron on patch
'YAY' for today and for love! with added sprinkles which makes it almost good enough to eat! This happy print ensures you bring positive vibes to any room, every day. Shop here
YAY and sprinkles YAY and sprinkles
Whatever you are doing this year we send you all our Love from us here at Doodlemoo!

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My bedroom wall, stiffkey blue from F&B and our 'Te amo' print



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