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JOY doughnut Necklace; Acrylic Fluo Pink & Sterling Silver

JOY doughnut and sprinkles necklace

JOY doughnut Necklace; sterling silver. Who doesn't love doughnuts!!! If you are crazy about Acrylic jewellery this cute and cool necklace is for you! Inspired by our love of doughnuts and our Doodlemoo print designs we decided to produce a limited edition of Jewellery items. I've always loved statement jewellery so this collection is inspired by the things I love. The chain is Sterling Silver and has a delicate look, the Joy doughnut is made of neon pink acrylic. Sure to make a statement and give you some joy!!! Part of the sprinkles collection, you can also find a pink heart necklace with sprinkles.

Details for the JOY doughnut Necklace; sterling silver

Colour: fluo light pink

20 inch chain

JOY Doughnut size 5cms

Comes in a cute little box.

Mailed in a protected envelope.

JOY doughnut and sprinkles necklace