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Cloud Print 'Rain me Happy'

Cloud Print 'Rain me Happy'

Cloud Print 'Rain me Happy' white

Oh, the British and their wet weather, but don’t get into the habit of thinking that a rain cloud instinctively equals misery. Indeed, in Doodlemoo-land it has entirely the opposite effect!

What starts off as dark, black and threatening despite its fluffiness soon cascades into raindrops of positivity, culminating in a rainbow coloured puddle that completes the transformation from sadness to happiness.

Of course, even more importantly, what you also get is a fabulous print that shows that your home is a place of happy thoughts, spontaneous hugs and a ‘life is worth living’ attitude.

Forget rainy days and say hello to contemporary artistic perfection!

Available in White, Pink, and Blue backgrounds.

Doodled and designed by us at Doodlemoo from our lovely studio in Reigate.

Please note: Frame not included. You can choose your frame from our menu below, if you would like a mount please choose the mount and frame next size up from the Art Print size you have chosen, eg. A4 print - choose A3 mount & frame.

Cloud Print 'Rain me Happy'