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Social Benches at the Southbank

Social Benches at the Southbank

Modified Social Benches NY Southbank

Have you spotted the super cool orange benches around the Southbank?

We spent Sunday visiting Tate Modern’s new wing and then walking along the river towards the Southbank centre, one of our favourite things to do.

We had so much fun spotting the new design benches along the Southbank (they’re quite hard to miss as they are bright orange and all different from each other). The boys had super fun climbing over them and going under them.

The benches are works of modern art by Danish artist Jeppe Hein. The benches question the spatial separations in social situations and challenge the amount of space that people feel necessary to set between themselves and others.

Go check them out on Festival Terrace & Queens Walk, throughout the summer until the 18th Sept 2016.



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