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Libby Cook on being a fashion stylist as A Style Bird and her passion for Interiors

A Style Bird

Today I am chatting to Libby Cook. We are talking becoming a fashion stylist after having her two kids and her passion for Interiors. Libby is super stylish and knows a lot about dressing for your body shape, finding your own style and falling in love with clothes again especially after having kids or returning to work. If you need someone to help you she's your lady! (she's super friendly too!) Libby also works her magic on home Interiors, she's the queen of dark walls, you can see her amazing home here which was featured in Beautiful kitchen's magazine. Libby has been so inspiring to me and has helped me lots on my business journey plus she owns quite a few Doodlemoo art prints styling them beautifully. Hope you enjoy the interview and it will help you and Inspire you in some way! She says ''So many of us are held back by our limiting beliefs which usually come from ourselves'' and it is so true.

What do you do and whats your business/blog ?

I am Libby Cook, a personal stylist, and I have a personal styling business called A Style Bird. I blog where I can and my blog is housed in the same place as my website

Why did you decide to start a Style Bird?

I have always had a passion for clothes but told myself for years I couldn’t work with fashion because I didn’t have a fashion degree. My youngest started school last September and I started to reassess my career and the work I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to do something I was completely passionate about. Around about that time I read a book by Tony Robbins and it was amazing at helping me to work out what I wanted. So many of us are held back by our limiting beliefs which usually come from ourselves. So I decided that I would go for it and chase the job I had always wanted. I had a real now or never moment, took a deep breath and set up my Instagram account @astylebird The rest has just grown and evolved from there.
Libby photographed by me on a fun photoshoot around London Libby photographed by me on a fun photoshoot around London

I know you also love interiors and have styled some of Doodlemoo prints and accessories, what would you consider when choosing art work and home colour scheme, wall colours?

I would urge anyone to go with what they love, rather than being ‘safe.’ The amount of people who say ‘I want it to be safe just in case we want to sell it’, or ‘I don’t want to go off it’ is amazing! The way I see it with paint colour is that it is just paint, it can be painted over and so why not just try something different. I personally love bold, dark inky colours, and love how my house feels especially at night when the lights are dimly lit and it kind of cocoons you. With artwork I would just be quite spontaneous. Art has a way of speaking to you and with all the pieces we have in our house I fell joy when I look at them. They are little memories, postcards with words on, mantras and images which grab me. My house wouldn’t feel like mine without all of the art up around the place.
YAY by Doodlemoo styled by Libby YAY by Doodlemoo styled by Libby
You Rock in George's room You Rock in George's room
Any interiors tips or trends to look out for? My interior tip would be when painted walls dark, paint the skirting in the same colour as the walls. It will make the space feel larger and will flow better to the floor. I have painted all my ceilings dark which I love but I know some people find that quite a scary thought!
Libby's home in Beautiful Kitchens Libby's home in Beautiful Kitchens
Dark magic, Libby's kitchen, a page from the Beautiful Kitchen's magazine Dark magic, Libby's kitchen, a page from the Beautiful Kitchen's magazine
Libby with her daughter in her Kitchen article feature Libby with her daughter in her Kitchen article feature

Fashion trends or things we can’t live without in the spring/summer?

I think that textures will continue to be huge, and think this has been in part due to Instagram and the beauty that different textures add to a photograph. Velvet was and will continue to be big as will leather and shaggy pile rugs. I also can’t see the indoor plant trend going anywhere. They really elevate an otherwise ordinary space and can be an affordable addition to even the smallest of rented apartments.
Libby's fireplace with all the flowers. Libby's fireplace with all the flowers.

Who are your style icons?

I love Abigail Ahern for interior inspiration as I love her effortless mix of boho & glam. I was lucky enough to visit her house which was incredible, and I love her shop in Angel it is so dreamy. There is a lady on Instagram called Paola Mathè and I just love her feed @findingpaola for the most insanely beautiful colour combinations. I’ve always absolutely loved Kate Moss, harking from growing up when she was always the coolest girl in town and in terms of style I don’t think Sienna Miller ever goes wrong. She is just beautifully dressed, always.

Favourite colour?

Ooh tough one. I wear loads of red/coral but if I had to choose one colour across clothes and interiors I would go blue.

What inspires you?

I love living in East London, I am so lucky to be surrounded by lots of creatives and I get daily inspiration from the streets of Dalston just seeing what people are wearing and how they’re wearing it. My mum and granny have also always been huge style inspirations as they both always look amazing.
Libby Cook Libby Cook

What’s your top tips for someone starting a creative biz and blog?

I would advise anyone thinking of starting one to just go for it without any further thought. Plus, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Just be like you, not like them and I believe that is the only way.

Where can we find you?

You can follow me on Instagram @astylebird or find out more about me at

Thank you Libby for being here with us! and thank you guys for stopping by and reading our 'Women in Creative Business Series', please leave us a comment and sign up to our newsletter! we will be posting these mini interviews every friday!

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