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Easter mini piñatas designed by doodlemoo
Easter mini piñatas by doodlemoo Easter mini piñatas by doodlemoo
HOW TO MAKE EASTER MINI PIñATAS with our super easy Easter DIY free printables. Another favourite time of the year for us! Spring and Easter! What do you do with the kids over the Easter Holidays? If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY with the kids we've got you covered! Make these Mini Piñatas with our free printables, put chocolates, rubber or mini toys and hang from the trees for a fun Easter Hunt! the kids will have fun pulling the string to reveal what's inside. We have designed the front and back with a slightly different design, so you get 6 faces/images) If you don't fancy making the Piñatas, turn them into boxes or you can just cut out the covers and make Easter cards or party decorations, get the kids to add glitter and they'll have hours of fun. As with all our activities there is a colour me in version too!
Easter mini piñatas free printables colour me in Easter mini piñatas free printables colour me in
Easter cards with mini piñatas Easter cards with mini piñatas
What you need: Printer and card for the free A4 printables Glue stick String Tissue paper or more string for pulling the piñatas Glitter (optional) Colours (optional) Washi tape or tape Chocolates, mini rubbers, mini toys HOW TO: (you can find instructions and us making these in our You Tube Channel here) Cut out around the box shape, fold around the lines. Open the whole on top and bottom flap. At the top insert the string you will be hanging the Piñata with (make sure you tie a knot befor you glue the flaps. Glue the flaps at the top of the bok and the one side and you will just be left with the bottom 4 flaps. Put your chocolates or sweeties in (not too heavy) we've also put feathers, mini stickers, mini eggs) then insert a few strips of tissue paper through the bottom hole. Then carefully put washi tape inside to seal the flaps and enough preassure to close but for the kids to be able to open when pulling the strips. (watch the video here)
Easter box piñatas Easter box piñatas
Easter mini piñatas outdoor Easter mini piñatas outdoor
We spend a lot of time designing and making these for you to enjoy, why not share the love on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to be the 1st to know about our DIYs and events. We have just opened a new Instagram account just for our printables and would love it if you follow us there. Subscribe to our You Tube channel here for more DIY fun. DOWNLOAD EASTER PRINTABLES HERE

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