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How to decorate pumpkins with paint by Doodlemoo

Pumkin decoarting by playful btrand Doodlemoo
We totally love decorating and painting pumpkins at this time of the year. This time we decided to decorate our pumpkins with elements from our new greetings card designs. So if you want to know, here's how to decorate and paint pumpkins with Doodlemoo! All the designs are available as pdf's if you'd like to use them (download here). The first thing is to consider is your theme and colour scheme. Try to get hold of as many different shaped pumpkins or gourds as you can, they look more interesting and you can really play with their oddness, for example our ghost gourd just lends itself to a funny phantasm! I used quite a variety of paints to do this; I had a few blue and pink paint pots left over from a project I did earlier on the year, some wall paint sample pots from an event I did and for the black and white ones I used acrylic paint. I love acrylics because it dries really quickly and doesn't dirty your fingers after as it is plastic based.
How to decorate and paint pumpkins with Doodlemoo How to decorate pumpkins with paint with Doodlemoo
Once you have the first coat done you will need to leave them dry for a little while before you start on the details or sticking anything on them. Not everything I did here was done by hand as I used a sticker paper for printing some of the elements on the pumpkins. I did hand paint the vampire lips and teeth, the ghost, the stitches and the sprinkles. I have made a little video here so you can see me painting the pumpkins; we did a bit of pre work with my boys where we painted the whole pumpkins. The lips are a bit tricky to draw on a pumpkin so I drew it beforehand straight on the painted pumpkin skin. This works quite well as you can just cover it again with the base paint if you make a mistake. I painted the ghost straight on as the design is much more straight forward marks. The same with sprinkles and lines you can just go straight on. Use different size brushes as it helps with the details.

Download our printable design sheet from HERE

We hope you have as much fun making these as we did! We would love to see what you make, this is a lovely activity to make with the family and we would love it if you share and leave us a comment. Share on socials so we can see tagging #doodlemoo Find how to make our Halloween mini piñatas HERE You can also turn these into Planters by cutting the top, I think cactuses look great or any small plant! They make a pretty display don't you think?
Pumpkin planters by playful brand Doodlemoo Pumpkin planters by playful brand Doodlemoo
Painted Pumkins by playful brand Doodlemoo Painted Pumkins using stickers and paint by playful brand Doodlemoo

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