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Fun game with our 96 Alien print

96 Alienz print
Have you seen our 96 Aliens print? A project that started in our commuting time, we set ourselves to draw 100 Aliens...after lots of drawing we finally finished and here it is...but the best thing is we turned it into a bit of a game which we play with our boy Leo every night before going to bed. Why not try to play?
96 Alienz print 96 Alienz print
Game: Try to guess which alien i'm thinking of. 2 people playing, one picks an alien (secretly), the other person has 5 questions to guess which alien it is (or as many questions as you like). Example 'has it got more than 3 eyes?' or 'has it got tentacles for hands?' It's so much fun, we can't stop playing it.
96 Aliens print detail 96 Aliens print detail
This print also comes with a surprise dot to dot and colouring in alien on a separate sheet! Available here

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