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Doodlemoo bespoke Tissue paper & gum tape collaboration with Noissue

Doodlemoo bespoke Tissue paper & gum tape collaboration with Noissue

When I designed our Creative Planners I wanted them to feel extra special with a branded tissue paper and for the people receiving them to enjoy the unwrapping experience as much as the item itself.

I have been admiring Noissue's personalised and branded tissue paper for a while now. As a designer, I love seeing all their collaborations with illustrators, designers and lovely brands and their Instagram is just full of sumptuous styles and colours. So when they agreed to collaborate with us here at Doodlemoo I was so excited and set out to create something really special using our designs and illustrations 🙌🏻

The Noissue website is really user friendly; you can bring in your design and adapt it in a variety of ways and positions using the Noissue pattern option or you can just send your own set branded tissue paper design. You are able to choose from one or two colours with many of the options available and their bespoke tape is digitally printed so the design can be as many colours you want.

I find having our designs on our very own tissue paper and bespoke tape makes the whole packaging experience more fun and yet professional. It really brings our brand to life.

Wrapping my creative planners with tissue from Noissue

It's also important for me that Noissue is really serious about the environment by offering eco branded tissue papers, compostable mailers and bags. As an added bonus with every order you get to plant a tree and even choose it's location! Obviously I chose the Amazon rainforest being Venezuelan!

Bespoke gum tape designed by Doodlemoo in collaboration with Noissue

If you really want to give your customers a special experience when they receive your products then I seriously recommend Noissue and if you use our link HERE you will get 10% off your order! What are you going to make? Let me know if you have questions or want to know anything else!

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