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christmas mini piñatas wall by Doodlemoo

HO HO HO! Our Mini Piñatas for Christmas have arrived! We are so excited! and our boys can't wait for Christmas day. We've already been testing our super fun Mini Piñatas with 4 designs. A happy Santa, Singing Angel, Rein Deer and a sleepy star. This time we've used pom poms and lots of glitter to decorate and of course chocolates for the inside. So the idea is that with a bit of help your little artists can make the Piñatas place the chocolates, toys, feathers, sprinkles inside, then hang from your tree or wall or room and open on Christmas day. We had a very successful charity event making these.

This time we've changed things a bit, as many people told me they didn't have the card or printer or materials, we've decided to make them into packs (£5 per pack of 4) with everything you need already cut, they are available from our shop. You can also download all the designs for free and all you need is: Printer Card Glitter Glue (pva) Scissors Pom poms (we love the ones from flying tiger as they have a tube inside perfect for threading the string however you can use tissue paper Colourful string Washi tape or tape for the bottom ENJOY!! and do leave us a comment and tag us on instagram @doodle_moo to see your creations! (You tube video available soon)
To make: Fold the lines (so you fold before you start decorating) and decorate with glitter and colour in. Glue one side of the box. Insert String on the top securing it inside with a knot, then insert string and pom pom at the bottom. Place your chocolates inside, a small toy or feathers. Seal the bottom placing cello tape or washi tape inside so the flaps can open when they pull the string. Seal the other side of the box using pva glue. Hang from your tree or room to open on Christmas day or at a christmas party! Hope you enjoy making these and eating the chocolates of course!! Merry Christmas from Doodlemoo!

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Gallery wall with Ice Lolly print from Doodlemoo, styled by Natasha from Styling York Pretty


Our sustainable Boxy Jumper Collection is here

Our sustainable Boxy Jumper Collection is here

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