Red lips led neon
WHY WE LOVE OUR NEW LED NEON LIGHTS AND YOU SHOULD TOO So why did we choose to stock neon lights from Bag&Bones? Well to bring an edge of cool to any interior! Actually we have been wanting to add some complimentary products to Doodlemoo to help you get a whole look for your room decor. I totally love neon lights and think they can make a wall stand out as well as amazing prints. I have been looking around and what I feel is cool about these is that they are a new type of neon art that is more environmentally sustainable, and just as beautiful as traditional glass neon. By consuming 70-90% less energy than traditional glass neon lighting, LED neon – with an average lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours – represents a more sustainable solution for the planet. By keeping electricity consumption to a minimum, running costs are also significantly easier on the pocket too. This is what the sisters behind this brand say “We want bag&bones neon to be all about fun and joie de vivre, but it’s really important to us that we create a product that limits our impact on the environment,” says Gigi. “Our neon balances that care-free attitude on the one side, and that sense of environmental responsibility on the other.” “The seductive glow of neon has lured me in for as long as I can remember," continues Gigi. "As well as lighting any scene beautifully and drawing attention, neon light just has such a positive effect on my mood.”
Bag&Bones founder Gigi Bag&Bones founder Gigi
Bag and Bones Artist designing led neon lights Bag and Bones Artist designing led neon lights
We hope you like these neon lights as much as we do, I think the Flamingo neon light could go so well with our HOLA tropical print!, one of my favs are the lips in pink or red! also will go perfectly with our 'TE AMO' or 'QUEENS' art prints!!
Red lips led neon Red lips led neon
And for the kids room the balloon is just the sweetest!, I would even have that one anywhere in the house as I have a balloon lamp in my sitting room! It's all about making the spaces fun, playful, and cool.
Balloon neon light Balloon neon light
So this is why we love our new led neon lights and think you should too! We are really excited to be expanding our range of products and watch this space and we have some frames coming soon! We would love it if you leave us a comment, we would love to see what you think, what's your fave and what other products you would like to see from us!

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